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Felt Safe and Comforted During the Resale Process...

Mondiamo went above and beyond my expectations. I had the same customer care rep the whole time, and she patiently answered all my emailed questions beforehand…

The whole process went really quickly, shipping with the provided insured FedEx box went very smoothly, and just a few days after I sent my jewelry off, I not only had a fair and reasonable offer, but the money was already deposited into my account using the info I supplied.

Very pleased with Mondiamo's customer service, efficient process, purchase, and the overall experience! Have already recommended them to some friends in a similar situation as me! Thank you!

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At Mondiamo we believe that you should feel good about selling your diamond jewelry, but don’t just take our word for it.
  • Christina
    Miami, FL
  • Jean P
    New City, NY
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    Newington, CT
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    Miami, FL
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    Cambridge, Ontario Canada
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    Columbus, OH

Mondiamo was a breeze to work with...their communication was top notch and the process could not have been any smoother. I highly recommend this company!

— Michael E.

I had limited information about my jewelry and they were still able to work with me. I also appreciated the quick turnaround in looking at my jewelry, providing an offer, and providing payment upon acceptance.

— Katie

The process was very easy, response from Mondiamo was timely, I felt very confident in their service. Everything went as promised from estimate range to check arrival.

— Kathy A.

I truly enjoyed every stop of me selling my diamond ring! They make it completely effortless on your part!... I would highly recommend using Mondiamo.

— Loreen O.

I really appreciate how simple, fast and fair the whole process was. I highly recommend Mondiamo and I can’t say enough about the customer service and how transparent they are.

— Brian S.

I was skeptical at first, but Mondiamo exceeded my expectations at every turn. From the offer process, to the patient customer service, to the website— Mondiamo is the way to go.

— Mathew K.

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“Easy to follow instructions. Fast and seamless process. I couldn't believe how fast I received my money. Happy camper here.”

Angelita A.

“The process was quick, easy to understand and I received my payment promptly.”

Lydia S.

“They are quick, easy and offered a good price. Customer service was top notch the whole time.”

Gregory T.