Recycled Diamonds: Good for the Planet and for Your Wallet

Learn more about what recycled diamonds are, how they’re recycled, and the benefits of selling your diamond jewelry. What’s the value of your recycled diamond ring?

In today’s environmentally conscious culture, people are constantly looking for ways to do good for the planet. Whether it’s finding ways to minimize your carbon footprint, being more mindful of the plastic you use or one of the many other eco-friendly practices, there are always ways to help.

Yet, did you ever consider that selling your diamond jewelry can also have a positive impact on the planet? That’s right – diamonds can be recycled and repurposed when sold back into the market, and recycled diamonds can help maintain an ethical and sustainable planet. But what makes a diamond ‘recycled’? How are recycled diamonds good for the planet, and how are they good for you?

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How are Diamonds Recycled?

The term ‘recycled diamond’ refers to diamonds that are sold back to the trade by a consumer. Trade participants, such as retailers, wholesalers or buy-back companies like Mondiamo, would repurpose the diamond and that’s how the term ‘recycled diamond’ came about.

Why Recycled Diamonds Are a More Eco-Friendly Option

Like many processes, both traditional diamond mining and lab-grown diamonds are imperfect. Whereas mined diamonds may displace rock and soil or disrupt air and water quality, lab-grown diamonds may use a great deal of non-renewable energy to be produced. And while lab-grown diamonds are growing in popularity for use in fashion jewelry much like other simulants such as CZ or moissanite, fine diamond jewelry uses natural, mined diamonds in their designs.

A recycled diamond ring, therefore, presents an eco-friendly alternative. Unlike newly mined diamonds or those grown in a lab, recycled diamonds have a low environmental impact and already exist in a finished form. Thus, by selling your unused diamond jewelry you are not only making a smart financial choice, but you are also helping to sustain a cleaner planet.

The True Value of Recycled Diamond Rings

Pricing a recycled diamond is the same as pricing any other diamond in the secondary, or wholesale, markets. The quality, condition and inherent characteristics of a diamond (the 4Cs, fluorescence, etc.), are all factors that contribute to any diamond’s value – regardless of if it’s newly mined or recycled.

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Increase Value with Diamond Enhancement Techniques

The value of many recycled diamond rings and other pieces may be enhanced by reshaping, re-cutting or re-polishing the stone. Diamonds that may have been damaged (chipped, scratched) or diamonds of poor cut or color grading are often recut to improve their quality or reshaped to align with current consumer trends, thus increasing their market value. Modern technology, such as the Sarine machine, has made it much easier for diamond sellers and buyers to recognize recycled diamonds that can be improved by re-cutting or re-polishing.

Obtain a Diamond Grading Report

When getting ready to sell your diamond jewelry, keep in mind that to determine its value, you need to first identify what the diamond is. The best way to do that is to have a Diamond Grading Report from notable labs like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the International Gemological Institute (IGI). Once graded, the diamond can be more easily and accurately priced by potential buyers of recycled diamonds based on current market conditions.

At Mondiamo, we want to maximize the value of every client’s diamond jewelry. That is why our team of GIA graduate gemologists and diamond buyers carefully evaluate your diamond and ensure all factors have been considered to ensure you receive the highest price. For example, Mondiamo is one of the only buy-back companies in the world that checks if your diamond could be re-cut on a Sarine machine. If more value can be created by re-polishing your diamond, Mondiamo will transfer all of that value back to you. Utilizing our global network, Mondiamo distributes the diamond to the highest bidder globally, once again creating more value for you.

The choices we make as consumers have an effect on our planet and impact its future. When you sell your diamond jewelry, you are putting a diamond back into the market, which decreases the need to further mine or create diamonds, and helps to sustain a cleaner planet. By selling with Mondiamo, you’re getting more value for your recycled diamond while doing good for the Earth.