Diamond Resale and Buyback Services

All diamond buyback services are not created equal. Learn why Mondiamo’s global resale network means more money in your pocket.

You’re considering selling your diamond jewelry. Like many of our other customers, this may be your first time, so you aren’t sure where to turn and who to trust. You need to find

a resale partner you can rely on who can provide you with a competitive price. There are many options to consider. Do you return to the jewelry store where you made the purchase? Do you try your luck on another resale platform? Or take a trip to your local pawn shop? While these are all possibilities, they limit the value you might get from your item. That’s where Mondiamo comes in. Let us explain.

"With Mondiamo’s global distribution channels we can ensure you receive the best value for your diamond jewelry piece"

Diamonds are a global business. According to a recent article on Mining.com, the U.S. is the largest consumer market for diamonds at about 50% of global demand. However, Greater China, which includes Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and India represent the industry’s fastest growing large markets. That’s important to consider as the diamond market, which in turn affects the resale value of your diamond jewelry, is driven by global demand and liquidity.

Let’s take that back to your local jewelry store or pawn shop. That establishment may have limited resources available for diamond buyback. In order to consider purchasing your item, they need to evaluate their available cash on hand as well as how easily your item can be resold to their local market/network. There is a risk of not being able to sell your item quickly, thus tying up cash resources, which often is reflected in a low offer being made.

At Mondiamo, on the other hand, we have an extensive international network with hundreds of partners in the diamond industry across the globe.

As a pure-online player, Mondiamo has lower overheads than a retail store which results in us being able to pay you more.

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Those partnerships allow us to consider markets both locally and internationally and identify where the demand is highest for your particular diamond, ensuring we maximize the value of your diamond. In addition, as a pure-online player, Mondiamo has lower overheads than a retail store which results in us being able to pay you more. So when considering selling your diamond jewelry, take the guesswork out of how to get a competitive price. Think Mondiamo and realize the true value of your diamond through our global network.