The Consumer Diamond Resale Index™ (CDRI) is a proprietary analytical estimator of US consumer liquidity demand through diamond jewelry and diamond ring resale.

Mondiamo’s Consumer Diamond Resale Index™ (CDRI) is an estimator of US consumer liquidity demand through diamond resale. By aggregating and examining the proprietary data from thousands of Mondiamo’s US users, the CDRI™ is able to identify shifting economic conditions as a result of fluctuating consumer needs to liquidate diamond product.

The CDRI™ is updated on a monthly basis by analyzing three key factors:

  • The number of US consumers actively seeking to liquidate diamond jewelry product;
  • The product mix offered by geography and demographic features; and
  • The time lapsing between digital product submissions and sales.

What makes Mondiamo’s CDRI™ unique?

Leveraging decades of industry knowledge, advanced pricing data analytics, cutting-edge digital technology, and a customer-centric approach, Mondiamo is transforming the diamond jewelry buy-back market. Mondiamo brings a modern perspective focused on helping thousands of customers realize the true value of their diamond jewelry, making the selling process easier and more reliable than ever.

  • Quality

    As an online diamond buy-back service, Mondiamo’s access to consumer insights is ubiquitous across major and minor markets from around the US. This provides unique understandings about the change in the type of diamond product being sold by various consumer demographics.

  • Volume

    The Consumer Diamond Resale Index™ is based on the seasonally-adjusted number of Mondiamo’s US-based consumers that are actively seeking to sell their jewelry in the diamond resale market. Mondiamo’s strategic partnership with Blue Nile, the world’s largest online seller of engagement rings, allows for a wide understanding of liquidity demand.

  • Urgency

    The diamond resale index is adjusted for changes in the immediacy of the demand of US consumers in the diamond resale market. Mondiamo’s digital-first platform provides unique understandings regarding the urgency with which US consumers are interested in the liquidation or resale of engagement rings and other diamond jewelry.